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Our Company

Passionate Experts, dedicated to your success

About us

We help create secure, efficient and reliable digital products


Our Overarching Mentality

We always aim to innovate, lead and progress with a simplistic, reliable and client-centric approach.


Our Awesome Tech Stack

We use a combination of frameworks and platforms to help us best control and analyse your data.


Our Excellent Approach

We use agile sprints to rapidly design and develop iteratively to continuously deliver the best solution possible.


Our Design Capabilities

We practice and implement user experience and user interface design principles to maximise usability for every project.

How we work with our clients

It starts with why

We build what is needed.


At Firemind, we want to work collaboratively to discover and implement what’s needed, not always what’s expected. We take a deep dive into our customer’s requirements, ideating, learning and questioning every detail, to identify best practice and the most efficient solutions. This is our why.

Then becomes how

We use design and technology to rapidly iterate and execute solutions to solve problems.


No matter how big or small the problem, we endeavour to work efficiently, iterate quickly and learn consistently to deliver a solution that’s both cost-effective and has the potential to transform a business.

Before ending with what

We offer the latest smart business solutions to deliver the best strategy to extract, manage and apply your data to provide valuable insights in your day to day operations.

Meet the team

The brains behind our success

Ahmed Nuaman

Managing Director

Charlie Hudson

Managing Director


Charles Gillham

Senior Engineer

Darryl Banks


Nathan Bell


Olufemi Adesina


Jessica Waving

Junior Engineer

Toby Arnold

Junior Engineer

Yolanda Collins


Henry Walker

Junior Engineer

Data Scientists

Andrew Lamb


Metin Alisho


Harry Dean

Junior Analyst


Danny Potter

UX/UI Designer

Rob Havinden

Digital Designer


Abi Wilding

Personal Assistant

Dom Ralph

Quality Assessor

Hector Tweed

Business Analyst

Paul Kenward

Junior Business Analyst

Let’s talk

Got a project?

We’re a team of experts who offer guidance, implementation and support over multiple services including cloud migration and optimisation, workflow automation, data visualisation and advanced analytics.