Amazon GameSparks Set to Scale, Build and Run Games

Amazon GameSparks is getting closer and closer to launch, providing a new managed service that will enable building, running and scaling games to a whole new level. This decked out backend service has been in the works for some time now, continuously evolving and adjusting based on user feedback.

The AWS GameTech team have learned from the existing GameSparks and designed the new Amazon GameSparks from the ground-up, using AWS primitives to be cloud scaled, purpose built for games and tightly integrated with AWS and Amazon services.

Built for Scaling

Something that we love about Amazon GameSparks is it’s commitment to being fully inclusive. From AAA Enterprise studios to fresh developers, starting on their new game from bedrooms and university dorm rooms, Amazon GameSparks will offer the same great features.

What features?

It’s being constructed to offer all configurable games backend features such as identity mapping, authentication, economy, player progression and cloud Code.

From servers that scale with tens of millions of players anywhere in the world to databases and analytics services processing and analyzing terabytes to petabytes of data with millisecond latency!

The AWS team are continually evaluating the product roadmaps and working on rapid feature development that provides their clients with the tools for success.

Here’s a selection of showcased games, all using GameSparks for hosting, analytics suites, leaderboards and much more.


AWS have promised to reveal more details about the new Amazon GameSparks before the end of the year, with a whole host of new iterations and releases leading into 2022.

As gaming enthusiasts here at Firemind, we’re very excited about the functions and features as well as accessibility GameSparks will provide.

As a service that is intended for customers who don’t have technical cloud experience, we know there will be many ways that we can help fledgling developers make the best use of AWS and Amazon services via GameSparks.

Find out more

Be sure to visit the official AWS GameTech blog as well as the AWS GDC Keynote for further details and links.👍

If you’d like to speak with us about using AWS for your Game project, please get in touch today.