August’s Best Bits – AWS Blog Round-up

Just like that we approach the end of another calendar month. August certainly has been an exciting one in the world of AWS, let’s stretch our legs and see what’s been happening over on the AWS official blog.

Recognize Celebrities in Images and Videos Using Amazon Rekognition

Venkatesh Bagaria, Principal Product Manager specialising in AI/ML, shows us how to use the new features within Amazon Rekognition for almost instant celebrity matching.

On the 26th, AWS began to update their models for superior matching accuracy (with lower false detections and subsequent rejections). Be sure to have a read and download the latest AWS SDK for image file size restrictions via Amazon S3 (if you’d like to try it out).

The AWS Heroes of August 2021

Ross Barich, Principal Developer Community Manager at AWS, highlights this month’s AWS Heroes.

These people don’t need a cape or superpowers to become heroes in their field, but they each act selflessly in the pursuit of knowledge sharing and community building. August’s picks come from almost every continent, with featured individuals from Canada, Malaysia, Taiwan, The Netherlands and Indonesia (to name just a few)!

We loved checking out Setia Budi from Indonesia. He runs a YouTube channel that provides a diverse selection of training and guidance videos on computer science (be sure to turn on those English captions though as they speak solely Indonesian).

Getting Started With AWS Elemental Live and Dolby Vision

Our first adventure into the AWS Media Blog and we’ll definitely be back for more! Drawn in by the vibrant video examples of Dolby Vision and AWS Elemental, we enjoyed finding out more about the unique service that performs advanced transcoding, encoding and more for Dolby Vision enabled streams.

In a nutshell, AWS Elemental takes in any HDR input type and inserts RPUs to generate Dolby Vision compatible output. If that sentence made no sense, imagine watching a stream from a content creator or producer and suddenly seeing richer colours, deeper contrasts and smoother tones in the video quality. It’s like going from standard definition to ultra definition (it really is that good)!

To view the article and find out more technical aspects such as bit rates, resolution factors, click here.

AWS Elemental Live and Dolby Vision compared to SDR

Orchestrating and Monitoring Multi Channel Messaging with Amazon Pinpoint

As AWS mention regularly, fusing marketing functions/tasks into modern technology (known as MarTech) can be a tricky business. However, get it right, and you can make customer messaging, direct communications and emailing lists more personalised, dynamic and useful!

This article from 20th August caught our eye as both Hamilton Oliveira and Roberto Fernandes da Silva, from AWS, highlight how Amazon Pinpoint can orchestrate and guide MarTech to new levels of effectiveness.

They’ve published a step by step guide on the creation of the core components to enable a multichannel journey via Amazon Pinpoint. Really useful for any company that wants to send notifications to their customers preferred channels (and monitor the engagement data at the same time).

Dataset and visualisation example (when you follow the instructions)

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