AWS Is How Event

It’s Tuesday 2nd November and AWS have kicked off their AWS Is How event, showcasing companies and lifting the curtain behind the cloud innovation that is keeping them ahead of the pack.

Today, many companies are reinventing and redefining how they do business. In this AWS online event series, leaders from companies of all shapes and sizes will describe how they experimented and took risks to tackle some of the biggest challenges and opportunities that their organizations have encountered.

Discover how these leaders and their teams use AWS to benefit from the fastest pace of innovation, the broadest and deepest functionality, the most secure computing environment and performance to build what’s needed for today and tomorrow.

The on-demand series is free to access, simply visit the event page, register using your details and you’ll have access to multiple sessions and recording Q & A areas. Today you can learn how JibJab is innovating with Machine Learning on AWS to implement a computer vision face segmentation algorithm for a new product line for users to express their creativity. The features backed by AWS will provide a more personalized and interactive experience.

You can also hear from Bryan Becker, Vice President of IT at BKV Corp, who is sharing how AWS was a key part of supporting the BKV’s monumental effort to keep the gas flowing to support critical infrastructure during the Winter Storm Uri.

Join Jib Jab, BKV and Mission Cloud Services where they discuss how Amazon helps SMBs innovate.

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