Building a Game in a Week With Starr Shaw

So it’s Game Jam, you have one week, what do you do?

Well build a game of course! That’s exactly what AWS Game Tech Engineer, Starr Shaw, set out to do at one of the recent events in July this year.

After one long week of code, development, testing and playing, Planet Storm was born. Planet Storm was imagined as a 3D, physics-based, side-scrolling platformer inspired by the 1980’s IREM classic “Moon Patrol”.

Starr used Blender and Adobe Substance Painter to build the key assets for the game.

Dive Right In

Here’s the necessary links to GitHub as well as Open 3D Engine if you’d like to get the core files and give the game a go!

Planet Storm full source code on GitHub
Planet Storm README.txt and LICENSE.txt
Open 3D Engine documentation

Starr decided to set the game in an off-world mining colony where there were many valuable resources to collect. The player had to navigate the harsh terrain whilst collecting power ups and fuels for the long and arduous journey.

“To keep it simple, the player starts this physics-based, side-scrolling game while in motion and, as a result, you only have one possible action to initiate: JUMP like your moon life depends on it! As you navigate the planet’s harsh environment of rocks, cliffs and chasms, you must collect the power resource gems to continue on your way”.

Let’s Talk Mechanics

Starr used Script Canvas to create the main game loop, logic, player and environmental interactions as well as GUI behaviors. He defined custom, data-driven Script Events that he handled in Script Canvas to handle gameplay events like exploding rocks.

To show you some examples of the logic and how it looks to a developer as it’s being defined, here are some of the Node maps as seen in the Script Canvas Editor:

Screenshots of the core game play logic script which controls most of the game.

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