Building a Startup Cloud Infrastructure in Minutes

Yesterday the AWS Editorial Team revealed the launch of the highly anticipated, Build on AWS. This exciting new offering has been designed from the ground up to help startups plan and build their starting cloud infrastructure in a matter of minutes. Yeap, you heard us right, minutes!

The new offering comes in the form of infrastructure templates and reference architectures covering a wide selection of solutions that have been specifically curated for startups around the world.

Each and every solution aimed towards startups has been crafted by the best and brightest experts at AWS, each based on AWS best practices to ensure a secure and rigid cloud platform for startup growth.

A UK Startup preparing for cloud infrastructure changes.

From the AWS Editorial Team

“Startups are eager to get started on AWS, but often ask, what’s the best infrastructure for my use case? And while experimentation is often central to creation, startups want to start building the foundations of their MVP as quickly and efficiently as possible.

With the launch of Build on AWS, we’ve simplified the first steps of launching scalable, reliable, secure and optimised infrastructures tailored to startups’ industry or use case.

This enables startups to focus on building their core product, knowing they’re using AWS best practices for their underlying cloud infrastructure. With hundreds of deployments, every template is ready for production traffic.”

In the latest video below, AWS highlight basic and highly personalised solutions available as of now within the Build on AWS offering.

Mackenzie Kosut, Startup Advocate at AWS gives an overview of Build on AWS.

Firemind & Startups

With the addition of Build on AWS, we now have an even larger set of tools for faster AWS cloud adoption within the growing startup market.

By utilising these new templates and AWS best practice features, we’re confident we can continue to accelerate even further, the adoption of AWS with our future startup client base.

We’re particularly eager to test the personalized solutions that are relevant to the startups’ industry, interests and expected AWS usage. Having built solutions with search options for specific AWS services (for example, Amazon Lightsail) will enable us to identify more accurate frameworks as a starting base for MVP builds.

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