Automated Tasking with Amazon Textract

Simplifying manual processes using Amazon Textract


A local council deals with vast quantities of forms and hand written submissions for a multitude of Council initiatives.

Maidstone Borough Council needed a way to speed up this process and reduce the strain on their resources.

Client: Maidstone Borough Council
Industry: Government & Public Sector
Services: ML & Automation


Creation of an end-to-end document ingestion and processing solution.

The Council needed a way to automate this lengthy process with a high degree of precision.

  • Using Amazon Textract to digitise handwritten information.
  • Automatically submitting digitised text into their complex CMS.
  • Significantly reducing the human resource needed to input the public’s documents.
  • Allowing the Council to reduce the time needed to file and action public requests.


A dynamic, evolving automated process utilising Amazon Textract to it’s full potential.

Firemind were able to turn a decade old, unoptimised practice into a fluid, automated process, saving the Maidstone Borough Council tens of thousands in staffing and resource costs. The success of using Amazon Textract provided not only a faster workflow but aided in the turnaround time for public form actioning.

As a local Authority we are always looking at how we can improve processes to give a better customer experience and improve operational efficiency. The work that we did with Firemind ticked both of those boxes with their expertise in AWS supporting the automation of some of our high volume transactions, linking our customer interface with core back office systems. As a company they were great to work with, helping us to explore the issue and tailor a solution in a way that could be deployed quickly and at minimal cost.

Stephen McGinnes Director of Mid Kent Services

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