Automation through Batch Processing

Optimise your business processes through the power of automation with Firemind


Achieve automation by integrating Machine Learning into your workflow.

Find out how Firemind provided the Council with a fully automated submission workflow which removed and replaced the lengthy manual process in place beforehand.

Client: Maidstone Borough Council
Industry: Public Sector
Services: AI & Machine Learning


Time-consuming and inefficient work practices burdened both the Maidstone Borough Council (MBC) and the Mid Kent Improvement Partnership team (MKIP).

Firemind embarked on a proof of value project with the end goal of eradicating repetitive work tasks within the business operational model.


Extract key values and data
Triggers document analysis
Data lake to store documents


Instantly and effortlessly extract data from millions of scanned documents, spreadsheets, and images with machine learning.

We deployed a process which detected what is and isn’t included within a document and formatted any submitted photographs and forms to the correct format. Data is then withdrawn from documents, allowing businesses to quickly gain valuable insights.

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