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Innovating and enhancing Premier League's data reports


Working with the organising body of the highest football division, responsible for the competition and commercial rights.

With such an extensive and ever adapting amount of data across matches, player stats and live broadcasts, Premier League were met with the many challenges of managing such data in a controllable manner.

Client: Premier League
Industry: Sports, Media & Entertainment
Services: Data, Analytics & Visualisation


Enhancing and upgrading analytical and data management tools.

With such an extensive and varying amount of data to capture, the opportunity was to harness this information into a platform that could allow the league’s users to make smart choices on the best data available.

  • Harnessing Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud to provide secure and resizable computable space in the cloud.
  • Building AWS Lambda within EC2 to run code in response to multiple server events and manage the correct computing resources in each instance.
  • Recognising and using Amazon Relational Database Service to simplify the setup, operation and scaling of relational databases within applications.
  • Building strong UI to simplify the viewer experience in a streamlined platform.


With AWS services at the core, creating an analytical platform that evolved into a data report function, providing multiple user types access to data streams, making faster decisions in real time.

What started as a simpler project to enhance an analytical and business intelligence platform quickly scaled into a modernised user controlled reporting and analytical platform. Providing visualisation of data for senior level users as well as public access. This allowed Premier League to make smarter choices in line with real data, improving savings on storage and cloud data and ultimately modernising the virtual sporting and data access of the Premier League football division.

We have received outstanding service from Firemind in all our AWS related work. The knowledge base appears to be of a very high standard and the customer support has been quick, fluid and extremely personable. I would have no hesitation in recommending Firemind to any other company with similar values and expectations to ourselves.

Steve Palmer Head of Data Solutions

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