Data Management and ETL System

Optimise and secure your data ingestion and ETL with Firemind.


Large digital agencies are required to load substantial amounts of data within their day to day work practices, automatically and on-demand.

Find out how our cost-effective and serverless system, reduced the client’s AWS bill by 50%, whilst increasing the processing output by 7x.

Client: M&C Saatchi
Industry: Advertising & Marketing
Services: Cost Optimisation


Leading digital agency with limited experience on data handling, scaling, security, and cost optimisation.

We planned to developed a platform which would allow the team of data scientists to deploy their code efficiently, access data securely, and provide the scale and cost optimisation required.


Redshift & S3
Data warehousing & versioning of data
Lambda & API Gateway
Power all APIs required
Run AWS Batch processing tasks


A fully fledged data management and ETL system.

We successfully transformed the way the client’s team executes their data processing tasks through the ability to simplify workflow.

This led to a greater increase in security, GDPR and ISO27001 compliance with very little effort from the client’s team.

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