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Revolutionising the fashion sector with Firemind’s reporting technology


Data insights are making valuable discoveries that transform retail operations and push brands to become more customer-centric.

Find out how we worked with our client Alexander McQueen to seamlessly integrate smart business intelligence technologies into their workflow, enhancing their day to day operations and the benefits of the capabilities delivered via dashboarding.

Client: Alexander McQueen
Industry: Retail
Services: Data, Analytics & Visualisation


Customisable discovery and data visualisation for Alexander McQueen’s stock supplies and more.

Seamlessly integrated smart business intelligence technologies into their workflow to enhance their day to day operations.

  • Strengthen decision making with accurate multi-channel analytics built around Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud.
  • Minimise wastage such as surplus stock and return costs all whilst increasing margins.
  • Enrich inventory from supply chain to shelf whilst using AWS Lambda to manage automatic computing resources necessary.
  • Analyse and expand conversion rates, forecast accuracy and repeat purchases.


Gain valuable and profitable insights into store stock, inventory management and footfall reporting with data visualisation.

Effectively identify key metrics and bring analytics specific to your store performance to life through heat mapping and AI/ML. Firemind pinpointed and pulled data from any unexpected in-store incidents, such as a spike in sales within a particular hour, and visualised results for optimum insights into Alexander McQueen’s business.

Firemind have been a fantastic partner from start to finish. They are supportive, easy to work with, and always open to teach and knowledge share. The Alexander Mcqueen brand could not recommend them highly enough.

Harry Cheslaw Commercial Insights Manager

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