Marketing Optimisation Using Rekognition

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Find out how utilising the potential of AI and ML as part of your business strategy, you can strengthen customer experiences, ensure operational excellence and enhance your decision making.

Firemind deploy a huge amount of resources into the sector of AI, to continuously embrace the changes and transformations AI can bring to a variety of business models.

Industry: Advertising & Marketing
Services: AI & Machine Learning


The use of AI is expanding across a multitude of industries.

Thanks to current developments within the technology landscape, both AI and ML have a vital role to play in business and industry-wide insight and decision making.

This can help you create more impactful and effective marketing campaigns that really resonate with your audience.


Incorporating image recognition into your marketing campaigns.

  • Identify key features within an ad which make it successful.
  • Maintain the performance of current and future campaigns.
  • Optimising conversation rates.
  • Maximise efficiency by ensuring chosen content guarantees success the first time.

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