Purchasing Model Innovation

Innovate and future proof your warehousing and infrastructure


The bright and technologically advanced team at Naked Wines had big ambitions for live data and improved workflows with enhanced speed and agility. But, they were held back by out of date technology.

Find out how we can standardise their technology set and vastly improve their data and BI workflow.

Client: Naked Wines
Industry: Retail
Services: Data, Analytics & Visualisation


Full uplift of data warehousing and infrastructure

The usage and understanding of customer data was key to ensure a smart, adaptable workflow.

  • Building appropriate acquisition and retention tooling.
  • Maximising planning functions in line with new infrastructure.
  • AWS Personalize workshops with the team to deepen understanding of production.
  • Helping the business separate signal from noise within their data streams.


Complete overhaul of infrastructure, providing a more fluid technology set via AWS.

Firemind were able to significantly improve upon the out of date technology set, utilising AWS services for live data control, planning tools and the visualization and processing of customer data. We were also able to combine these elements into a unified customer contact and support process, reducing time and manpower on previously laborious tasks.

This was made possible by utilising the relational database service Amazon Aurora alongside AWS S3 for scalable storage. AWS Cloudwatch allowed for real time monitoring of applications. AWS Secrets Manager was crucial to protect the IT resources and retrieve necessary database credentials.

Ahmed and Charlie with their team at Firemind have been working very proactively with us in a number of areas such as Data strategy, Business Intelligence and eCommerce. They are a great partner to work with as not only do they know their stuff but they are really happy to challenge us in the way we do things and partner with us to make things better. They don’t just do Tech, then invest time to understand the business and help my Tech team understand external solutions and approaches that could help us move forward more efficiently and effectively.

David Crawford Group CTO

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