Data Analytics Lens for AWS Well-Architected Framework

Nearly all businesses today require some form of data analytics processing, from auditing user access to generating sales reports. For all your analytics needs, the Data Analytics Lens for AWS Well-Architected Framework provides prescriptive guidance to help you assess your workloads and identify best practices aligned to the AWS Well-Architected Pillars:

• Operational Excellence
• Security
• Reliability
• Performance Efficiency
• Cost Optimization

Recently, AWS announced a completely revised and updated version of the Data Analytics Lens white paper.

The updated version of the Data Analytics Lens white paper has been revised to provide guidance to CxOs as well as all data personas. Within each of the five Well-Architected Pillars, they provide top-level design principles for CxOs to quickly identify areas for teams and fundamental rules that analytics workloads designers should follow.

Each design principle is then followed by a series of questions and best practices that architects and system designers can use to perform self-assessments. Additionally, the Data Analytics Lens includes suggestions that prescriptively explain steps to implement best practices useful for implementation teams.

Updated architectural patterns and scenarios.

This latest revision also revises the discussion of data analytics patterns and scenarios to keep up with the industry and modern data analytics practices. Each scenario includes sections on characteristics that help you plan when developing systems for that scenario, a reference architecture to visualize and explain how the components work together and configuration notes to help you properly configure your solution.

This version covers the following topics:

•Building a modern data architecture (formerly Lake House Architecture)
•Organize around data domains by delivering data as a product using a data mesh
•Efficiently and securely provide batch data processing
•Use streaming ingest and stream processing for real-time workloads
•Build operational analytics systems to improve business processes and performance
•Provide data visualization securely and cost-effectively at scale

We highly recommend checking over the full documentation on this link, where you’ll be able to receive great guidance on validating your existing architectures as well as providing recommendations for any gaps that are identified.

Looking for a Well Architected Framework Review?

At Firemind, we’ve worked closely with AWS to ensure we follow a thorough infrastructure review based against the 5 pillars. Get in touch with us for further details.