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Build rapidly and reliably in the cloud, manage your infrastructure and deploy with the full benefits of AWS services. Firemind’s expertise can help a business at any scale adapt key DevOps principles.

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Build an agile DevOps culture with Firemind

There has never been a better time to remove the barriers between development and operations, improving workflows and shortening iteration times while ensuring collaboration and team productivity. Firemind not only implements DevOps best practices, but works in collaboration with AWS solutions to evolve your cloud infrastructure, security and development practices.

Become Agile

Embracing DevOps improves team collaboration and removes the siloed approach to software development. This makes teams tackle operation problems and challenges with a design mentality, helping to move with the times and embrace better technology.

Business enablement

Collaborating more effectively ensures changes can be made with less downtime as well as offers routes for faster recovery. You are able to build a pipeline/workflow that is resistant to the many pitfalls faced when over a non DevOps infrastructure.

Culture growth

DevOps brings with it a pivotal change in the way your business works. From business value, to ideation to implementation, we’ll work with you to develop your culture into one that unites, not splits, your development and operations processes.

Next-gen applications

Embracing DevOps quickly integrates next-gen applications and services, using AWS. Whether it be AWS OpsWorks as an automation platform, or AWS CodeDeploy, to automate code deployments to any instance.

Managed services

Taking advantage of AWS services means spending less time worrying about set up, installation and operating within cloud infrastructures, and more time focused on your core product and business objectives.

Improved security

We’ll guide you through AWS Identity and Access Management, giving you control over user roles, permissions and governance over your infrastructure. The perfect companion to increased usage of more agile AWS services.

Our DevOps Timeline

Firemind’s DevOps practice combines elements of cultural shift with a hands on approach to key tools and service integration.

Stage 1

DevOps capability

We begin with undertaking a thorough investigation of how each department currently works, from top-level to entry-level staff. Our DevOps capability workshop assesses your current development and operations workflows as well as building a clear roadmap to what success looks like for you. These workshops are tailored to your current level of DevOps maturity, ensuring a bespoke approach regardless of the current point in your DevOps journey.

Stage 2

Delivery program

Once we have a thorough understanding of your business goals and defined a clear roadmap, we’ll begin with the creation of a DevOps delivery program, combining key AWS services, best-in-class open-source tooling and cultural change. The practical goals of this programme would range from implementing Automation, Infrastructure-as-Code, continuous integration/continuous deployment pipelines, continuous testing, continuous monitoring and development.

Stage 3

Going live

Once our DevOps system is in full effect, we provide a fully managed DevOps service that ensures your team, infrastructures and cloud goals can be managed, tailored and adjusted continuously. This high level of support allows your team to focus on customer-centric development, whilst we handle the efficiency and updated software necessary for interdependence. Our managed services are customised to your ongoing needs and can be tailored to provide the best results at the best cost.

DevOps Practises

Helping you build rapidly and reliably in the cloud

Working in a fast-paced DevOps environment has it’s many challenges. I can testify to this. I recently joined an organisation where DevOps practices are a central pillar to any new client delivery.

If you’re working in DevOps, you will agree that it moves at speed, changes are frequent, and the key to success is strong adaptation. Over the past decade we have really seen the emergence and adoption of DevOps, and this has in turn, spawned SecOps, GitOps, CloudOps, ITOps and DevSecOps (with many more variations to come).

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