Firemind Achieves AWS Immersion Day Partner Status in the AWS Partner Network

Firemind is now a recognised Immersion Day Partner within the AWS Partner Network. Our exponential growth and extensive on-site training has allowed us to develop Junior Developer, Henry Walker, into an APN Immersion Day Practitioner.

With Henry’s practitioner knowledge and our goal to innovate and improve a businesses digital lifecycle, we can use our Immersion Day status to promote successful onboarding and resource availability moving forward.

What’s the benefit of being an Immersion Day Partner?

By having a qualified practitioner with Immersion Day training, Firemind are now able to receive access to extensive workshop tools and technical workshop content for not only our existing clients but potential clients too. 

Firemind can now access presentations and labs created by the AWS Solution Architects as well as premier assets to help explain a mixture of technical solutions for AWS products to our client base.

We can guide existing and new businesses through AWS usage credits, providing the flexibility to try new AWS products to simplify cloud operations and reduce the usage of on premise environments.

Addressing key customer concerns and questions with readily available technical content workshops enables businesses unfamiliar with AWS services to quickly judge the benefits. We pride ourselves in our customer centric approach and this new Immersion Day accreditation will further strengthen our position as a leading AWS Advanced Consulting Partner.

Which AWS services can we host Immersion Days on?

Firemind can now host immersive and educational presentations on the following AWS services, describing our innovative practices to help your business modernise and move to the cloud:

  • AI/ML 
  • Application Modernization
  • Aurora
  • Blockchain
  • Bring Your Own Data
  • Containers
  • Control Tower
  • Cost Optimization
  • Data Engineering
  • Database Migration
  • DevOps
  • DynamoDB
  • EC2 Spot
  • Elastic MapReduce
  • End User Compute
  • IoT
  • Landing Zone
  • Microsoft
  • Migration
  • Networking
  • Redshift
  • SageMaker
  • SAP on AWS
  • Security & Compliance
  • Serverless
  • Serverless Data Lake
  • And many more

What’s the structure of these Immersion Days?

Firemind works alongside AWS to ensure that these Immersion Days are not only useful to highlight cost/time saving services, but can be easily understood by team members who are less technically experienced as well as technically minded Solution Architects and Developers within your team. 

In the example below, we highlight the opening Immersion presentation to our AI/ML features with AWS:

Next steps

If you’ve yet to step into cloud services but are interested in what Firemind can do to scale your business needs, contact us using the form below. Our Immersion days can be adapted to your requirements and we would be happy to discuss the facilitation of these with both existing clients and new businesses.

About Firemind

Firemind, is a digital engineering consultancy specialising in managing data, analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) and accelerating innovation.  Leveraging deep technical expertise, agile methodologies and data-driven intelligence to modernisation. Our customer centric engagement and managed services framework deliver enhancements wherever they are in their digital lifecycle.  The company is headquartered in Kent, United Kingdom and is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and ISO 27001 certified organisation.

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