How Can a Cloud Company Be Truly Innovative?

Innovation. It’s a word that is used regularly here at Firemind and for good reason. By drawing up new ideas, creating new methods, visualising digital products and processes, you earn the title of being an innovator in your field.

This innovative mindset has always been at the heart of our services, our mission and our values, ensuring we never let the easy path become the road most travelled. We instead make the decision to wipe the slate clean on a regular occasion and take the time to step back and see our processes and our structuring from new angles. This realigning has been crucial to our companies mission, positioning, successes and has ensured that our clients and internal teams have something unique and differentiative to work with.

But how can a cloud company become truly innovative? How can it excel into realms that very few are able to enter?

That’s the question recently raised by Adrian Cockcroft, AWS VP of Cloud Architecture Strategy in a recent AWS article.

The most successful organizations of today are disrupting their competitors and entering new markets by innovating more quickly and efficiently. The ability of an enterprise to innovate isn’t always about technology adoption, it’s about people.

We agree with Adrian 100%. It’s the people that are the innovators behind the logo, behind the branding and behind the status of a cloud/consultancy company. That’s why we try to harness and nurture our team and culture to the best of our ability, recognising talented individuals and striving towards our next objectives within the Amazon Partner Network.

With innovation comes disruption. Another popular buzzword firmly gripped by many tech, consultancy and media agency businesses. Disruption itself is a peculiar word, forcing a form of radical change to an existing industry or market, usually due to technological innovation.

It’s quite easy to think of disruption as some jarring experience that may be met with less positive outcomes. But that’s certainly not the case with us as a consultancy. In the words of Adrian:

We imagine a dropped telephone call or an internet connection that suddenly fails. But when it comes to disruption in business, the experts suggest the experience of being disrupted is much harder to detect.

As much as CEOs fear disruptors cropping up in their industry, concern might be better placed on the readiness of their organisations to innovate. AWS see three levels of innovation helping companies move forward and staying competitive; incrementally better services (the table stakes), new gap-filling value creators (addressing pains in the market) and entirely new customer experiences leveraging emerging technologies (unexpected offerings).

These are the kinds of innovations that grant cloud businesses sustainable advantages, market share and customer loyalty. In every case, a company’s time to value is the key metric that predicts business success. Whether you’re an originator, or a replicator is key!

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