Improve Application Availability and Operational Performance with Amazon DevOps Guru

Amazon’s most recent Slide Deck highlights the importance of ML services to improve application availability as well as discussing the impressive new AWS service – Amazon DevOps Guru.

Jacob Sullivan, Product manager at AWS, speaks in depth about this new service and how to remediate issues quickly by leveraging ML-powered recommendations.

Jacob also highlights the key challenges for CloudOps and reinforces the need for smarter, more flexible ML capabilities in future cloud systems.

The Slide Deck then looks at what operators are doing right now when it comes to triaging alarms with a range of sensitivity and creating static dashboards to correlate multiple metrics across different systems.

Download the Slide Deck or alternatively watch the live recording.

What are the key benefits to using Amazon DevOps Guru?

Automatically detect operational issues

Using machine learning, Amazon DevOps Guru automatically collects and analyzes data such as application metrics, logs, and events and behaviors that deviate from normal operating patterns. It automatically detects and alerts on operational issues and risks, such as impending resource exhaustion, code and configuration changes that may cause outages, memory leaks, under-provisioned compute capacity, and database I/O overutilization.

Resolve issues quickly with ML-powered insights

Amazon DevOps Guru helps reduce the time to identify and resolve the root cause of issues by correlating anomalous behavior and operational events. When an issue occurs, DevOps Guru generates insights with a summary of related anomalies, contextual information about the issue and, when possible, it provides actionable recommendations for remediation.

Easily scale and maintain availability

Amazon DevOps Guru saves you the time and effort involved in manually updating static rules and alarms so you can effectively monitor complex and evolving applications. When you migrate or adopt new AWS services, DevOps Guru automatically analyzes their metrics, logs, and events. Then it produces insights, helping you easily adapt to changing behavior and evolving system architecture.

Reduce noise and alarm fatigue

Amazon DevOps Guru helps Developers and IT operators reduce alarm noise and overcome alarm fatigue by using pre-trained machine learning models to correlate and group related anomalies and surface the most critical alerts. With DevOps Guru, you can reduce the need to manage multiple monitoring tools and alarms, which means you can focus on the root cause of the issue and remediation.

How can Firemind assist with an ML AWS Project?

Here at Firemind, we’ve worked with countless clients to integrate AI/ML AWS services into their businesses. From utilising Amazon SageMaker to build, train and deploy machine learning models to crafting Amazon Rekognition models to automate image and video analysis.

If you’d like to speak with us about an AI/ML Project, please Get in Touch today and a member of our Sales team would be happy to discuss your requirements.