ISO 27001 Certified 2 Years Running!

24 months have passed since we decided to become an ISO certified business. Within that time we’ve undertaken a wealth of tasks to update our processes, ensure a regular governance over internal and external documentation and files as well as adhering to the most stringent of rules.

It is with great joy that we have now passed our second yearly audit with 0 majors, 0 minors and 0 errors!

Receiving this certificate is proof to our team’s dedication in handling client and internal documentation/processes to a professional standard. We’ve ensured that data care, security, privacy and internal governance has become paramount in our day to day tasks.

A huge congratulations goes to our entire team for their hard work and availability throughout the external audit. Passing the extensive test of our data policies and document controls is one thing, but to pass with 0 errors is a massive achievement which is testament to everyone’s hard work and efficient processes.

What’s next?

As a Cloud Consultancy that prides itself in data management as well as data led solutions and services, we will continue to adhere to ISO/IEC guidelines throughout 2022 and beyond. If you’d like to work with Firemind on a data conscious project, get in touch below.

About Firemind

We’re Firemind. An AWS Advanced Partner, specialising in cloud strategy, data & analytics and machine learning services.

We leverage deep technical expertise, agile methodologies and data-driven intelligence to help modernise businesses.

Our customer centric focus and Managed Cloud Operations framework deliver enhancements to any part of a companies digital lifecycle. We merge our talented creative department alongside our development team to craft solutions to problems that are intuitive, user friendly and scalable.

The company, headquartered in Kent (United Kingdom), is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and ISO 27001 certified organisation.

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