Meet AWS Top Secret West, the Latest Defense and Intelligence Region

Classified missions just became safer in the AWS cloud

Typically, when we think of the cloud, we see the awesome power of storage, transfer, computational power and transactional abilities. The use of the cloud has become integrated into most people’s lives, enabling social interactions, payments, education and government running. It’s within the government that we tend to understand the least about what the cloud can do and how it operates at a different level.

In 2011, AWS launched AWS GovCloud (US-West), making AWS the first cloud provider to build cloud infrastructure designed to meet U.S. government security and compliance needs. In 2014, they launched their first Top Secret Region, AWS Top Secret-East, which was the first air-gapped commercial cloud accredited to support classified workloads. In 2017, AWS launched the AWS Secret Region.

Yesterday, with the launch of AWS Top Secret-West, they continue their support for mission workloads that span the full range of U.S. government classifications.

Integrating internal servers and cloud run AWS services for national security projects and missions.

The new Region adds multiple Availability Zones geographically separated from AWS Top Secret-East. With two Top Secret Regions, customers in the U.S. defense, intelligence and national security communities can deploy multi-Region architectures to achieve the highest levels of resiliency and availability essential to their most critical national security missions. In addition, they gain proximity to new geographically distributed workloads and mission users.

With the AWS Top Secret-West Region, the national security community can deploy multi-Region architectures for their most sensitive workloads in two Top Secret Regions over 1,000 miles apart, each consisting of multiple Availability Zones. These Regions and Availability Zones enable national security customers to build highly resilient architectures and store data close to users for latency-sensitive workloads. AWS classified Regions meet the same high standards for reliability, availability and durability as their other industry-leading AWS Regions.

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