Mind Over Matter

As we slowly move through October and each walk, run, cycle and swim our way towards 100 miles travelled, we take a few minutes to speak with some of the team and find out why they’re raising money for Mind this month.

As we all know, mental health is something that affects us all to varying degrees. Regardless of your race, religion, background or financial state, we all come under immense stress, worry and anxiety at multiple points in our lives. How we cope with this level of stress and how we overcome such mental barriers can make an immense difference to the quality of life we live.

Hear From the Team

Danny Potter, Firemind’s Creative Lead, talk’s us through his own challenges and why Mind is a great cause to fundraise for:

“Keeping mentally healthy can be challenging. Like many other people, the UK lockdown had me isolated in my flat with little interaction with the outside world. And as much as the company quizzes and calls were fun, it couldn’t replace the office hustle and vibe.

Personally, exercise has always been part of my life. Gym and running, even for 15 or so minutes were minutes where I only focused on sweating like a pig!

Hitting that distance, achieving that time, or reaching that weight are small achievements but have a big impact on your mindset. Having something to work towards kept me focused away from anything negative or Covid-19 related.

And now, by doing 100 miles for mind this month, it’s a great way to not only spread the awareness about mental health, it’s also a great way for me to keep up with looking out for my own mental health.”

Toby Walking the 100

Toby Arnold, a Firemind Developer, talk’s us through his own challenges and why Mind is a great cause to fundraise for:

“Mental Health is important for everyone, it affects everyone differently and the impact that it can have on friends, family and relationships can be huge. It’s important that our mental health stays positive or otherwise we will suffer, and so will a lot of people around us. Checking up on your colleagues, friends and family can be extremely helpful, especially if you notice they’re acting differently, or seem different to how you know them.

I myself have anxiety and on occasion, I do struggle with situations which are unknown to me or that involve a lot of people. However, I’ve got a strong support network in place at work and at home, helping me when I’m struggling. This is also where Mind comes in, they’re a charity offering mental health support and services to those who need help, and they can also give advice on how you can help your friends if you believe they’re going through hard times. You can easily find yourself in a downward spiral, you’re not a bother and everyone would much rather see you happy and healthy, rather than you doing something that can’t be taken back.”

Our Time to Change Champion

Vix Johnson, Operations Manager at Firemind, talk’s us through her own challenges and why Mind is a great cause to fundraise for:

“My own involvement with Mind came after I was diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and Depression in my mid-twenties. They provided lots of useful resources and signposted services that I was able to benefit from in my recovery and that I continue to refer to now to stay well.

I became a Time to Change Champion as part of an initiative between Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, a campaign to end the stigma that surrounds mental health and challenge attitudes. Through this I delivered talks and workshops to colleagues and the public covering my own experiences and helping provide information and support to others.

Now, I am a qualified Mental Health First Aider, and I love being able to help others with their own wellbeing, especially within my job. Mind are an invaluable organisation and I will be forever grateful for their presence and ongoing support.”

Laura and Her Fortress of Solitude

Laura Potter, Project Manager at Firemind, talk’s us through her own challenges and why Mind is a great cause to fundraise for:

“6 years ago I was at my lowest, I thought I was fat (I was far from it), I was unhealthy and just feeling crap. I joined the gym to get into shape and overcome confidence issues I had.

Now I look back and even though I still have days where I want to shut myself off from the world, I feel happier, more healthy and confident to achieve what I want. The gym has helped me immensely, its my fortress of solitude in a chaotic world!”

Want to help raise money for Mind?

If you’d like to help support our cause throughout October, you can visit this link and donate in a few clicks. All donations go to the charity organisation Mind. By donating, you’re helping the Mind team support people going through tough times and aiding in the liberation of all who are struggling with mental health.