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Learn more about your next steps with us – Directions to the office, what to expect on your first day and how to setup you equipment.

Welcome new starter!

This is page is full of useful resources to help make sure your first day and first week run smoothly! Have a look around and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to chat to us through the website.

Firemind is located on the top floor of Maidstone House. We have a designated car park for anyone commuting in their car or alternatively we have directions from both the local train stations right up to our door!

6th Floor,
Maidstone House, King St,
ME15 6JQ

Travelling by car

Our designated car park is located on the upper nested roof car park. To access this from King Street, once entering via the ramp, please drive around the building that is on your right. Our car park is located on top of this building. Turn right at the mall entrance, this will be directly in front of you, it will be blue and will be shaped in a point. In the corner of this car park you will see a ramp with a yellow and black barrier leading to the roof of the building you just drove around. If it is your first day, please press the button for assistance. State your name, that you work for Firemind and that you will be collecting your parking permit that day. Enter the car park and use any bay towards the far end.

Travelling by train

Directions from
Maidstone West
Directions from
Maidstone East


When you first arrive you will need to be collected and escorted up. Please call the Office Manager on 020 3468 1670.


When you first arrive you will need to be collected and escorted up. Please call the Office Manager on 020 3468 1670.

Initial Startup

Your company device will be fully set up prior to your arrival. When logging in for the first time, please change your password using system preferences, users & groups. Please ensure your password follows the requirements of Microsoft Intune. If your password does not meet these requirements, it’s possible your credentials will not allow your device to work properly and cause blocks on certain applications.

Company Portal

Open the Company Portal application and sign in with your temporary 365 Password. This will then start to download all your company applications on to your Launchpad. Please allow up to 30 minutes for these to come through.

Cant see ‘company portal’ on your mac?

If the application ‘Company Portal’ can not be located on your Mac. Open Enroll My Mac which will install Microsoft Intune (our MDM) on your Mac, then follow the steps. Once this has been installed you will see an app appear in your ‘Launchpad’ called Company Portal.

Office 365

With your temporary 365 password log into your emails, you should be prompted to change your password upon first sign in, please do so. You will have received a bunch of emails from different applications asking you to complete your registration.

Open the email from 1Password. All passwords must be stored within 1Password and never saved directly on to the device.

When asked “Do you want to save this password?” you must select “Never for this device”.

When you have chosen a preferred web browser you can install 1Passwords extension, which will automatically enter your password if found stored within the application.

Once 1Password has been set up, store your recently changed Microsoft365 password in there, and then continue to work through your emails setting up all other applications you have been invited to, saving into 1Password as you go.

1Password Extensions


If you require access to our GitHub account, please find Abi Wilding on slack and provide me with your personal GitHub name, if you do not have a personal account feel free to set one up.

Your Kit

On your first day you will receive your Macbook and charger along with your swag pack.

Additional Equipment

If you require any equipment which you believe would make you more efficient, please create an Internal Service Desk (ISD) ticket by clicking on the following link and listing any hardware applicable to your job role.