Build valuable insights from your data

Firemind’s Data.core ensures the most comprehensive and strategic route to building an Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) system in the cloud.

By choosing Firemind, we’ll combine specialist data engineers and scientists with a tested and structured route to data management.

Better decisions

Helping you analyse data to make better, more informed decisions. Whether it be internal processes, costs or being able to predict using real insight.

Access Controls

Data.core allows enterprises want to have fine-grained access control, at the row level, for sensitive data. This is done by creating views or using different databases and schemas for different users.

Unified approach

Once Data.core is live, it will help to unify your cloud analytics, improving user navigation and rapidly increasing productivity through team activity increase.

Reduced costs

You can save from 30% to 90% on your per-query costs, and get better performance, by compressing, partitioning and converting your data into columnar formats. Further cost savings can be achieved through data warehousing.

Business Opportunities

Choosing Firemind’s Data.core will ensure you begin your data journey the right way! From data sources, models, sharing and storage to processing applications, AWS tools and reporting dashboards, we’ve got you covered!

Increased sharing

Turning data volumes into manageable, valuable and insightful assets for your business. Increasing the collaborative approach to how your team interacts and uses data.

Strategic edge

Whether its web analytics, logistical statistics or invoice data, having a well implemented data service will set your business apart from your competitors.

Digital transformation

Take stock of your business and quickly identify ways to move from legacy technology to higher performance cloud systems.

Case selection

We'll work closely with you to identify the key use cases for data management, ensuring our implementation matches your current and future data and analytic needs.

Choose Data.core to enhance your data journey

Our Data.core service is designed to quickly interpret your data and create intelligent dashboards, helping you make smart decisions. Our team of Data Scientists and Engineers quickly highlight which use case provides the most value to your business.

Stage 1

Find the right fix

We’ll begin by setting up your AWS accounts and services, ensuring we have access to the best tools for your data needs. We then deploy our Data.core environment and begin sorting and managing your data sets.

Stage 2

Deploy solution

After deploying our Data.core infrastructure, we undergo further data analysis, and begin to showcase results from the .core integration.

Stage 3

Validate value

After extensive analysis, planning, preparation and testing, the live deploy runs, and all data channels and dashboards are tested for accuracy. We then compile all guides and documentation to ensure you as a business can maintain your reporting.

Stage 4

Ongoing support

Now we’ve established a best practice data tool, the key to ongoing success in the cloud is determined by proper maintenance and monitoring as your usage adapts and changes. Firemind provides fully managed services, allowing us to keep your data journey healthy, using the best features of AWS services, whilst improving costs across your environments.


Adaptable, tailored architecture for your data journey

We’ve created a defined data architecture, able to be altered and adjusted, depending on your current level of data use. This pre-made system rapidly speeds you through the steps of data and interpretation, giving you more time to find the value in your business.

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Building the business intelligence platform for Premier League football


Visibility targets hit, highlighting business targets and values.

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