No matter the industry, stay ahead with Machine Learning

ML.core helps customers get started with AWS fully managed tools, as well as using Amazon SageMakers pre-trained models. This suite of built-in algorithms, such as YOLO, Mobilenet, CatBoost, LightGBM, help our Data Scientists and Machine Learning practitioners get started on training and deploying machine learning models quickly for you.

Pipeline models

ML.core provides a machine learning pipeline that forms the end-to-end construct that orchestrates the flow of data into, and output from, a machine learning model.

Best practices

Working to AWS best practice techniques and using Well Architected Frameworks, enables our solution to provide security, governance and longevity.

Discover value

We’ll help you understand the value of your chosen use case by forming strong AI/ML integrations. We'll also help you discover any hidden values within your data sets.

Fixed price

No hidden payments or additional fees ensures your ML.core solution follows our streamlined and laser focused path. Working faster to access the value of your data.

Business Opportunities

Choosing Firemind’s ML.core can be the boost your business needs to begin a value packed adventure into the benefits of AI and Machine Learning. Our tested and proved infrastructure, combined with specialists in AWS ML services, ensures your business has the best start in smarter, automated data understanding.

Identify opportunities

Analyse, model and predict further and faster, helping your business focus on time/cost saving opportunities.

Decision support

Proving theories or backing up bold new steps for your business is made easier with the help of modelled predictions based on fact. ML integration can become your go-to for decision making.

Churn reduction

ML.core uses tools such as Amazon Comprehend and Amazon forecast to both derive and understand valuable insights from text and images as well as use ML algorithms to create highly accurate forecasts.

Detection & recognition

Nullify manual tasks and accelerate cost savings by automating wherever possible. ML provides unique recognition and understanding capabilities, streamlining workflows throughout any business.

Choose ML.core to take your data to it's next level

Our ML.core service is designed specifically to get you using AI/ML services, in a way which will quickly provide valuable insight into your business.

With the help of a tried and tested infrastructure, made adaptable with the help of our specialist team, we can propel your predictive journey.

Stage 1

Find the right fix

We’ll begin by setting up your AWS accounts and services, ensuring we have access to the best tools for your AI/ML needs. We then deploy our ML.core environment and begin sorting and managing your data sets, building predictive models for your use case.

Stage 2

Deploy solution

After deploying our ML.core infrastructure, we undergo further model training and data analysis, and begin to showcase results from the AI/ML integration.

Stage 3

Validate value

The final deploy of the ML.core solution ensures a production level environment, built for your selected use cases. We’ll thoroughly test the environment, provide user access and document the processes for data maintenance and AI/ML use.

Stage 4

Ongoing support

Now we’ve established a best practice ML tool, the key to ongoing success in the cloud is determined by proper maintenance and monitoring as your usage adapts and changes. Firemind provides a fully managed service, allowing us to keep your AI/ML healthy, using the best features of AWS services.


Adaptable, tailored architecture for your data journey

We’ve created a defined AI/ML architecture. This pre-made system rapidly speeds you through the steps of data modelling and predictive insight, giving you more time to find the value in your business data and insights.

Customer Spotlight

Automated medical record collation using AI/ML

1000 documents

Automatically scanned and processed in 12.5 minutes

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