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Securing Organisational Resilience with Firemind

Supply chain forecasting and management

Utilise the re-emergence of China’s economic and financial status after the crisis of Covid-19 to your strategic advantage with Firemind.

The influence of Covid-19 on supply chains is yet to be determined, however, one certainty is that global financial and economic consequences will echo throughout international supply chains. This will affect everything from basic materials to complete goods to logistics and shipping.

Firemind can build tailor-made and cost-effective supply chain forecasting and management systems for your organisation.These systems effectively provide you with vital end-to-end visibility from root to branch, allow collaboration seamlessly across vendors, and enable a truly agile and responsive approach in times of disruption and the aftermath.

To read more on supply chain management please visit our article ‘Minimising global supply chain disturbance’.

Payroll forecasting

Achieve security and stability beyond a crisis within the financial and accounting sector.

In times of crisis, it’s vital to adapt and react as quickly as possible to reduce any further devastation to your accounting and financial organisation. Thanks to the power and speed of technology, effective business solutions can be integrated swiftly and cost-effectively into your workflow with Firemind.

Our team of data engineers can seamlessly deploy a range of intelligent accounting software into your organisation. We extract valuable data from Xero and Quickbooks to be utilised throughout visualisation dashboards and applications. Empowering you, your business and your team to have a clear view of all account workflows during this period of remote working.

Financial forecasting is a vital tool when it comes to securing operational excellence for the future of your business.

Predict the future of your company’s performance by incorporating financial forecasting software into your workflow. Other advantages of financial and payroll forecasting include:

Identify the long term viability of a project
Develop benchmarks for future use
Prepare for the impact of unforeseen expenses
Eradicate the potential of financial risk
Transform future budgeting strategies
Pinpoint financial sticking points within your organisation

Workflow automation

Automate your employee workflow for maximum productivity during the remote working period with technology consultancy agency, Firemind.

Ensure remote teams are motivated, productive and experience no delays with hitting deadlines with Firemind’s range of automation technologies.

By achieving automation within remote workflows, manual and time-consuming tasks will be eradicated. As a result, employees will have more time to exercise or spend time with household members and family during this stressful time.

As Firemind is a technology consultancy agency situated outside of London, our business solutions can not only be delivered rapidly but also cost effectively.

Busy teams and businesses require automation to ensure maximum productivity. By integrating communication, CRM and finance applications seamlessly into your workflow, you’ll guarantee ultimate visibility and effectiveness across your organisation. Other benefits of using cutting-edge technology to automate your operations processes include:

Eradicate manual workflows currently congesting your team’s time and energy, empowering them to spend time on valuable tasks that matter.
Increase the accuracy of information and reduce business risk
Elevate customer satisfaction with automation-enabled customer service interactions.
Meet more deadlines through increased speed efficiency