September’s Best Bits – AWS Blog Round-up

September has been yet another high calibre month in regards to new launches, upgrades and teasers within AWS. With over 200 new articles over at the AWS Blog, we’ve highlighted our favourites in this latest round-up.

AWS Media2Cloud Helps Formula 1 Migrate to the Cloud and Manage Its Growing Asset Library

Natalie Gilbert, Marketing Manager for Media and Entertainment Solutions at AWS, published an insightful read yesterday, showcasing how AWS Media2Cloud has streamlined Formula one’s media access workflows.

With a vast library of footage, photography and other media files spanning 7 decades, Formula One was in dire need of a cloud solution that tailored it’s media storage, accessibility and security. Here’s an informative video to accompany the piece:

Satellogic Makes Earth Observation Data More Accessible and Affordable With AWS

Satellogic is focused on solving global challenges by making Earth Observation data more accessible and affordable. Its vertically integrated business model (owning the design, manufacturing and operation of its satellites) is what makes that mission possible. Satellogic’s lightweight, small EO satellites can be produced at scale with unrivalled unit economics. Satellogic now has 17 commercial satellites in low Earth orbit and plans to use AWS as it expands its constellation to more than 300 satellites by 2025.

Satellogic uses Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and AWS global cloud infrastructure to let customers securely access petabytes of data on demand, paying only for the capacity they actually use.

We highly recommend you check out the full article by Eloy Salcedo, Solutions Architect at AWS, on the following link.

1 of 17 Satellogic commercial satellites in low earth orbit.

Detect Adversary Behavior in Milliseconds with CrowdStrike and Amazon EventBridge

So long ransomware! By integrating Amazon EventBridge with Falcon Horizon, CrowdStrike has developed a real-time, cloud-based solution that allows you to detect threats in less than a second. This solution uses AWS CloudTrail and EventBridge. CloudTrail allows governance, compliance, operational auditing, and risk auditing of your AWS account. EventBridge is a serverless event bus that makes it easier to build event-driven applications at scale.

AWS authors look at the challenges of log file based security monitoring as well as high level architectures and indicators of imminent attack. You can read through the article here.

Four Supply Chain Disruptions Retailers Must Overcome

Alejandro Mondragon comes in swinging with yet another insightful look at supply chain disruptions. In the article, he examines the change in customer buying habits, dynamic value chains, reduced margins for operation as well as workforce constraints.

The article does well to tie in the current Covid-19 climate as well as taking into account the existing supply chain stresses, prior to the pandemic.

There is however light at the end of the tunnel. Developments in cloud services, IoT devices, big data analytics and AI/ML technologies will certainly lower the barriers met by retails and world wide distributors. Firemind is excited to be part of the force working with the AWS tools to improve supply chain and distribution logistics in general.

Securely Ingest Industrial Data to AWS via Machine to Cloud Solution

Machine to Cloud Connectivity Framework (M2C2) is an AWS Solution that provides the secure ingestion of equipment telemetry data to the AWS Cloud. This allows you to use AWS services to conduct analysis on your equipment data, instead of managing underlying infrastructure operations.

This post early in September caught our eye as M2C2 allows manufacturers of all shapes and sizes to fully ingest their shop floor data into multiple destinations within AWS. These include AWS IoT SiteWise, AWS IoT Core, Amazon Kinesis Data Streams and Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

The solution is integrated with AWS IoT SiteWise so you can store, organize, and monitor data from your factory equipment at scale.

You can view the setup and architecture here.

Architecture and workflow of M2C2 framework.

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