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We work with you to design, build and deploy digital solutions specifically for your needs. We integrate leading technology to simplify your operations and transform your business.


Lesley Mackenzie - Local TV

'Firemind helped transform our business and operations to the cloud.'

As industries evolve, they create new value and opportunities for business. Firemind can help organisations to identify and capitalise on these new opportunities through the integration of technology. Firemind is a full-service technology consultancy offering a complete range of services. From strategy and design to implementation and ongoing management, we specialise in complex cloud architectures.

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Migrate, optimise & automate your cloud solutions

Migration & Strategy

Firemind is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consulting Partner because of our proven capability to migrate complex architectures to the cloud and our deep knowledge of AWS services. Moving to the cloud is one of the first and most important steps in successfully growing your business and achieving the benefits of cost-efficiency, elasticity, and scalability. We have successfully migrated infrastructure and applications for a variety of businesses from small startups to large multinational businesses across a wide variety of industries.


Build and deploy resilient and flexible cloud applications. Firemind improves performance using the latest cloud technologies. In order to simplify development and management, we develop modular applications that integrate with other services and APIs, and use automation to increase agility, reduce risk, and take advantage of the dynamic nature of the cloud. We leverage AWS to optimise usage, services and pricing options to ensure that our customers are cost-efficient and reducing their monthly spend.

Security & Maintenance

Firemind help customers leverage cloud best practices to safeguard their data, meet compliance requirements, and take advantage of AWS security capabilities. We ensure that your cloud deployments are always available, communication channels are encrypted, and data is protected both in-transit and at rest. To provide secure and reliable cloud deployments, Firemind follows AWS Security Best Practices and ensures all latest AWS security services and controls are in place.

Workflow Automation

Eliminate monotonous tasks & focus your resources

Bots & RPA

Robotic process automation (RPA) serves as a ‘virtual human,’ working through a set of instructions and replicating the manual processes needed to perform tasks. RPA solutions collaborate with people while improving speed, accuracy and output. Firemind approach each operation with a robust and scalable manner, helping your organisation automate through RPA projects that deliver results quickly and optimises cost.

Rule Engines

Firemind’s versatile rules engine can plug into your data applications and provide your stakeholders with real-time notifications if their data is about to alter. Firemind’s rule engines will integrate with existing data pipelines or bespoke data pipelines created for this purpose. Rules engine allow you to have fin-grain control on what actions take place in response to which events allowing you to enhance your ETL process and integrate automatic responses to particular events.

Data & Analytics

Apply your data towards effective decision making

Advanced Analytics

Firemind uses advanced analytics to inform business strategy and improve the performance of operations. Analytics gives the ability to structure, manipulate, interpret and derive insights from data, improving resource-efficiency and success of services and campaigns. Customers can focus on projecting future trends, events, and behaviours, which gives them the ability to perform high-level statistical models and ‘what-if’ calculations, as well as future-proof various aspects of their operations.

Universal Visualisation

Communicate data, patterns and relationships through Firemind’s intuitive user interfaces and dashboards. Being official Qlik Partners, we leverage, configure and oversee multiple Qlik installations on-premise and in the cloud. Tableau, Power Bi and AWS Quicksight are also tools used to transform your data into data-driven insights.

Security & Compliance

Firemind will work to industry standards for data protection and follow appropriate regulatory requirements such as GDPR. Security is part of the initial product design and your data will always be protected throughout the entire project lifecycle. Firemind will work with your internal security team to allow them to audit and influence security and data protection requirements.

Software Engineering & Infrastructure

Store, manipulate & communicate your digital information

Front & Backend

Firemind designing powerful, elegant and intuitive front end applications using frameworks such as Vue, Angular, and React. Using user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design principles, we make our interfaces customer-centric to improve usability and increase efficiency.


Firemind have over 10 years of experience working with backend frameworks such as Serverless, Express, and Django.

Progressive Web Applications & Video on Demand

Firemind provides engaging, user-friendly and aesthetically designed progressive web applications, (PWA’s). We bring PWA’s to life by using fundamentals such as offline-first, push notifications and web workers.


Firemind has an incredibly powerful asset management system, allowing our experts to produce sophisticated, functional and reliable transactional and subscription video on demand (VOD) platforms.

Internet of Things & Machine to Machine

We have a whole host of consultants who are able to create dependable internet-of-things (IoT) embedded applications, hardware solutions and transport infrastructure.


Our specialists are highly experienced in creating scalable, secure and striking machine-to-machine (M2M) embedded applications and transport infrastructure.


What our clients say about our work.

Project Approach

'They demonstrate a well-structured approach to project delivery and are very well-engaged, often pro-actively sharing best practice and new ideas to maximise delivery.'
Jas Moorley

Head of Vodafone Business COE, Vodafone Group Finance

AWS Support & Guidance

'Firemind have been an incredible partner in helping AMQ transition to and leverage AWS. They are invested in ensuring our team is skilled to become independent in our cloud practices.'
Harry Cheslaw

Alexander McQueen

AWS Expertise

'The combination of experience and knowledge of the AWS environment and their vision and creativity. Also their speed of response and ability to identify elegant solutions from complex inputs.'
Andrew Paddison

M&C Saatchi Performance


Expertise in your industry

Every industry has different challenges and a unique competitive landscape, so experience in working within an industry is important. However, we also have experience in extracting insights from adjacent industries to further develop our services allowing you to gain a competitive advantage in your industry.


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We’re a team of experts who offer guidance, implementation and support over multiple services including cloud migration and optimisation, workflow automation, data visualisation and advanced analytics.

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