Jack of all Trades, masters of them too!

Bleeding-edge solutions for every business requirement and all while eliminating risk and increasing your bottom line.

The future today
Firemind’s powerful research and development ensures that it’s shaping innovation at their clients’ businesses through a technology ecosystem that provides secure stability at scale.
Spanning industries
Firemind’s rich business knowledge ensures their experts can apply specific skills and experiences unique to industry challenges across any sector and vertical.
Development principles
Firemind prides itself on enabling their customers to think and analyse quickly and effectively using tested methodologies and processes, thus creatively solving any business challenge.
Providing the support
Firemind ensures that no client is left behind. Utilising programme plans and support timetables, clients can rest safely in the knowledge that Firemind will always have their backs.

Just some of our services:

Firemind brings together the correct mix of engineering experts, software, and services to provide a unique and winning technology agnostic approach to solving your business problems.
  • Big Data, AI, ML
  • Blockchain, Hybrid Chain, Tangle
  • Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Security and pen-testing
  • On-premises infrastructure
  • Enterprise resource planning
  • Partner solutions (Qlik, Oracle, Microsoft, Red Hat)
  • Proof of concept/MVP
  • Training

We believe in the right tool for the right job.

Some tools from our Partner Network:

Whether your company is looking for a research and development driven MVP or embarking on a fail-fast platform delivery project.
Firemind’s team of experts can help you envisage the delivery of your dream through key technology solutions whilst assisting in the nitty-gritty of stakeholder management and team support.
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