Secure, Manage and Govern Your Cloud Environment

Firemind’s Managed Cloud Operations bring you total control of your cloud environment. Start making immediate savings on your cloud spend, setup alerts and monitoring of your cloud services and reduce your audit preparation time by achieving higher compliance levels.
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We understand that managing your cloud environment as your business continues to scale is no easy task.

We provide total visibility across multiple public clouds, providing immediate cost saving opportunities and streamlining the process of role management, cloud compliance scores and effective monitoring of your services. Our unique tiered system provides you with the perfect functional reporting requirements as well as a key understanding of your Cloud usage. Now is the time to manage, optimise and monitor.

Why choose Firemind?

Personalised Onboarding

After your discovery workshops with our specialists, we’ll create your own personalised reports, set-up a combination of essential cloud checks and walk you through our Service Desk for swift support. We’ll look at benchmarking objectives as well as ROI opportunities as you grow.

Account Management

Once onboarded, you’ll have access to our support team to help with security, cost processes and usage queries. You’ll also have direct access to our Development team as well as a dedicated Solutions Architect to assist with the long term management of your account.

Governance & Compliance

Significantly reduce exposure to security risks with our built in governance checks. Covering core compliance frameworks such as NIST Cyber Security, ISO 27002, HIPAA, GDPR Privacy and more.

Cost Optimisation

Our reporting is based on some of the most in depth cost analysis tools in an easy to understand format, highlighting key cost saving opportunities across your cloud environment and specific services.

Alerts & Monitoring

After our initial discovery workshops, we’ll set up a combination of resource, cost and utilisation alerts as required by you as well as create incident management plans for each scenario. These cover everything from EC2 disk usage, AWS status checks and custom metrics.

General Support

You’ll gain access to our service desk as well as email contacts for future queries, where we can provide you full support with ticketed issues and incident management. Our support operatives are always at hand to help with the understanding of reports as well as actionable plans.

Support & Onboarding

We respect that all cloud environments as well as business pain points are unique, that’s why our onboarding process is designed to find exactly what your requirements are. We’ll look at your environments, find out what you want now and what you want to scale to in the future, then craft the appropriate reports, incident scenarios and right sizing audits.

All of our tiers provide 09.00 - 17.00 support as well as out of hours Priority 1 support. We can also build a custom Service Level agreement for out of hours at Priority level 2-4, available on request.

Additional Services

Cloud Check Up

We’ll craft a thorough report on your cloud services. Highlighting key areas of improvement such as cost allocation, Reserved Instance rebalancing and resizing, spend optimisation, security best practice checks and continuous compliance conformity.

Application Changes

Crafting a remediation strategy and making the necessary changes at an application level to correct any significant issues. Our Developers will then highlight the changes to your team to prevent repeat errors in your cloud environment.

Application Monitoring

Looking for more proactive monitoring at an application level? We can custom build a series of alerts to keep you ahead of the curve and remedy before failure. These can be as extensive as necessary to aid in your cloud growth.

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Here at Firemind, we strive to deliver the very best in Managed Cloud Services. With so many benefits to consider, we would welcome the chance to speak with you and answer any questions you may have. Reach out to us today!