Simplify Your Data Analysis With Amazon Redshift Query Editor

Our first AWS Insight for October and we’re taking a look at the recent post by Srikanth Sopirala, Eren Baydemir, Erol Murtezaoglu and Debu Panda. Within the article, they combine their knowledge into a feature rich walkthrough, introducing Amazon Redshift Query Editor V2 and highlighting how wizards can create schemas, tables and user defined functions.

Amazon Redshift itself is a fast, fully managed cloud data warehouse that provides a web-based query editor in addition to supporting connectivity via ODBC/JDBC or the Redshift Data API.

Tens of thousands of customers use Amazon Redshift as their analytics platform. Data analysts, database developers, and data scientists use SQL to analyze their data in Amazon Redshift data warehouses. Amazon Redshift Query Editor v2 is a web-based SQL client application that you can use to author and run queries on your Amazon Redshift data warehouse. You can visualize query results with charts and collaborate by sharing queries with members of your team.

Very useful developments for data warehouse management, especially with the visualisations made available in the display area.

Configuring your account with Amazon Redshift Query Editor v2.

What You’ll Learn

Within the article, you’ll learn how to:

• Provide access to end-users
• Browse databases
• Author and run queries
• Use multiple SQL statements in a query
• Export results
• Visualise analytics from results

The authors also share how to organise queries efficiently within the folder section as well as manage query versions.

Amazon Redshift x Firemind

As an AWS Advanced Partner specialising in ML and Data centric solutions, we couldn’t be happier with the Query Editor v2. The ability to visualise query results with useful chart data as well as collaborate by sharing the queries internally with our team is game changing.

As always, we’re keeping a close eye on any and all developments within Amazon Redshift, ensuring our team is making the most of all time saving features.

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