Square Pegs Christmas Fundraising

Who are Square Pegs? 

Square Pegs is an award winning Charity that runs Theatre and Arts groups and projects for children, young people and adults who have learning disabilities, autism, social communication difficulties or who don’t always ‘fit in’ with mainstream activities. . 

They use drama, music, movement and other creative methods to develop confidence, self esteem, communication skills & wellbeing. Nurture friendships and social skills by creating a supportive & caring environment where everyone feels valued, respected, able to be themselves and have a real sense of belonging.

The square pegs team and volunteers give young people high quality arts experiences that they may not usually have the opportunity to participate in. They focus on the abilities of each individual and find ways for everyone to shine in their own way. They celebrate differences and feel passionately that aspirations & quality of experience shouldn’t be compromised just because the young people have special needs.

Every year, Square Pegs puts on a fantastic end of year show that all of the students love to participate in. Due to COVID-19 the students were unable to perform the show under the same roof this year, although this didn’t stop Square Pegs finding a solution..

How did we help?

Paul Kenward and Rob Havinden from Firemind have been volunteering weekly for Square Pegs for many years. When we heard about the pressure that COVID-19 has put on the Charity, we couldn’t think of anything better than coming together to lend a helping hand. We raised £340 which went towards supporting the charity through these turbulent times and providing extra support to ensure the members could still access the services via a digital platform, and to come together and celebrate Christmas virtually with the best props money could buy. 

Learn more about Square Pegs.