Talib Idris Becomes Our Latest Lead DevOps Engineer

Firemind are delighted to welcome Talib Idris as our Lead DevOps Engineer. Talib steps into a role that opens many new doors for the future growth of our humble cloud technology company.

We sat down with him earlier to look at his decorated professional background, spanning DevOps, Site Reliability and Cloud Infrastructure roles, across a wide variety of industries.

Talib’s most recent sectors have been focused within Consultancy and FinTech spaces, with previous positions as; a Senior DevOps Engineer at 10x, Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Deloitte, Operations and Infrastructure Technical Lead at Kyocera, Infrastructure Consultant at Frontier Technology and Enterprise Cloud Support Engineer at Rackspace.

To match an impressive background in technology roles, Talib has been able to establish himself as a leader in Developer operations, attaining many certifications and accreditations throughout his career. Some of his most recent achievements can be seen below:

• AWS Solutions Architect Professional
• AWS DevOps Professional
• Kubernetes CKA
• TOGAF 9 Certified Architect
• Google Cloud Associate Engineer

We sat down with Talib earlier today to find out his plans for the future at Firemind:

“As the Lead DevOps Engineer, I’m looking to streamline our development processes, helping to build a foundation for our Developers and Data Scientist to develop solutions for our clients in a more agile manner.

Additionally, I’ll be helping Firemind attain the AWS DevOps competency as well as developing the MSP aspects of the business.”

Talib understands that Firemind is in an interesting position, able to leverage its expertise in data and analytical services whilst boosting proficiencies in AWS to create new and exciting products in the space.

With this new addition to our team, working alongside our recent CTO hire, Ajish Palakadan, we are advancing towards a stronger future as an AWS Specialist Partner.

Outside of cloud engineering, Talib dabbles in engineering of the audio kind, producing electronic music. Below you can listen to a mix featuring a medley of his tracks:

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